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Outdoor Venture Corporation, a prime modular military tent manufacturer and supplier to the United States Department of Defense (DOD) since 1984.  We are an ISO Q9001-2008 Compliant, HUBZone Certified Small Business located in Stearns, KY.

Since 1972, Outdoor Venture has manufactured and supplied a wide range of products, including tents, both commercial (family and recreational) and military, sleeping bags, and hunting products. The company was also one of the first suppliers of automotive air bags in the United States. J.C. Egnew, co-founder of Outdoor Venture, currently serves as the Chairman and President of the company.

Today, Outdoor Venture remains both a prime supplier and subcontractor of military tent systems, components and accessories for the United States Department of Defense. We are an established producer of many military tent systems, including the TEMPER Tent, 16' x 16' Expandable Tent, Modular General Purpose Tent System (Small, Medium, and Large), Arctic Tent, Lightweight Maintenance Enclosue (LME) Tent, Hexagonal Tent, PCPS Tent, the Modular Command Post Tent and other related floors, liners and accessories.

In addition to the company's extensive experience as a military tentage supplier, the company's management team successfully started an automotive air bag manufacturing business in 1988 and successfully grew it to a $25 million dollar business before selling the business in 1992. Outdoor Venture's air bag manufacturing business employed 175 persons and produced 25,000 air bags per week. Outdoor Venture's experience as an air bag manufacturer required high-speed precision cutting and sewing of high quality, zero-defect products.

Since 1984, we have delivered more than $260 million dollars worth of military tents on over 140 government contracts. We have received numerous awards for our innovative design changes resulting in thousands of dollars of savings to the United States military tent procurement program.

In May 2004, Outdoor Venture was awarded the Fiscal Year 2003 Contractor Outstanding Value Engineering Achievement Award from the Department of Defense / Defense Logistics Agency at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. for substantial savings in Value Engineering to the U.S. Government.

In addition to being a prime military tent supplier, Outdoor Venture "teams" with other Department of Defense suppliers to offer subcontract manufacturing services. From initial design concept to full scale production, our company is large enough to offer efficient manufacturing, yet small enough to provide the close working communication and coordination necessary for your project's success. We have experience in AutoCAD design, Gerber cutting, die cutting, freehand and programmable sewing, heat-sealing, laminating, automated adhesive spraying and drying, multilayer quilting and many other manufacturing processes. We manufacture custom and specialty tent systems for commercial use.

Outdoor Venture's main headquarters is located in a new facility in Stearns, KY. The 55,000 ft2 facility was completed in September 2000 and houses the majority of our administrative activities. We also have a 110,000 ft2 facility in Pine Knot, Kentucky, only 6 miles from the Stearns facility. The majority of our manufacturing, warehousing and shipping is done from these two facilities. The company also owns two additional manufacturing facilities, located nearby, for expanded capacity needs.

Outdoor Venture Corporation maintains an on-going working relationship with many leading industrial fabric mills, converters and suppliers. Our experienced and innovative engineering and production personnel are equipped with the technological knowledge to handle virtually any manufacturing challenge. Our production team consists of skilled manufacturing workers - dedicated, well trained, experienced men and women who understand the manufacturing processes and take pride in serving our country by being a supplier to the United States Department of Defense.

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